So Exactly What Is An Electronic Cigarette?



What Is An Electronic CigaretteIf your oblivious to this relatively new and exploding phenomemon you might have a few questions……….

What is an electronic cigarette or (e cig for short)?

Get these and many more questions answered so you can be well informed when looking at where to buy some of the best electronic cigarettes on the market, so you will be ready and know what they are all about.


An electronic cigarette device imitates the whole conventional smoking process by releasing a mist with a similar sensation and at times even the same smoking flavor. Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes assert that these devices are just cigarettes except for the fact they have no associated health complications as there is no burning, and neither tobacco nor smoking.


An e-cigarette releases vapor that is infused with nicotine and even if it resembles smoke, it is just atomized air. Instead of nicotine, some e-cigs use flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and so on. Electronic cigarettes offer a safer smoking experience compared to tobacco smoking.


Thanks to the creation of e-Cigs, smoking does not have to be harmful anymore, electronic cigarettes have many health benefits, and they have gained global popularity today as a healthy alternative to quit tobacco smoking. This is due to the fact that electronic cigarettes pose no health risks to the smokers. But what is an e-cig made of?

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How It Works

An electronic cigarette is basically a battery powered device that turns nicotine into mist or vapor. This is what the user inhales. With e-cigs, there is no fire, no smelly smoke or ash. E-cigs do not contain some of the harmful substances associated with regular tobacco cigarettes such as tar or carbon dioxide.


When you light a regular cigarette, the tobacco begins to burn releasing smoke containing nicotine. This smoke is what the user inhales in order to deliver nicotine to the lungs. With an electronic cigarette, this process of combustion does not take place. The nicotine present in the device is heated till it turns into vapor.


This vapor is what the user inhales. Depending on the type of electronic cigarette one prefers, the user can simply inhale the cartridge for the vaporization process to begin. However, there are other types of electronic cigarettes that have a manual switch that is responsible for activating the vaporizer inside.


How Does An E-cigarette WorkE Cigs Have Three Main Components

-A lithium battery that is rechargeable

-A vaporizing chamber

-A cartridge




The lithium battery -¬†Found in the device is responsible for powering the e-cigarette. Users can charge the battery using a charger that is similar to those used for mobile phone batteries. The battery is connected to…


The vaporization chamber – This is a hollow tube that holds the electronic controls and atomizer. The atomizer is what creates the vapor. Before activating the device, the user attaches…


The Cartridge – containing the nicotine liquid with the vaporization chamber. The tip of the cartridge is what acts as the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette.


Users of e-cigarettes inhale the vapor in the same way they would with a conventional tobacco cigarette. Inhalation is what activates the atomizer to heat the liquid that is present in the cartridge. This heating process converts the liquid into vapor. When users inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece, nicotine is delivered to their lungs. The exhaled vapor looks much like a regular cloud of cigarette smoke.


Features Of The Electronic Cigarettes:


E-cigarettes always come in either two-piece or three-piece models. The two-piece models comprise a battery and cartridge with a built-in atomizer (its heating element). On the other hand, three-piece models contain a mouthpiece (with a nicotine cartridge & flavoring), a rechargeable a battery and reusable atomizer. The three-piece models usually have a great atomizer and refill cartridge which makes them a bit cheaper.

e-cig 2 piece model e-cig 3 piece model

ecigarrete batteries come in a wide variety of colors. Whether you want to use your cigarettes at home or want to express your personality during a night out in town, you will certainly get a battery that meets your individual tastes and needs.


Flavors, Vapor And Nicotine

e cig flavorsMost manufacturers make cartridges prefilled with eLiquid (a solution with propylene glycol, nicotine and flavoring). However, most smokers like to fill cartridges on their own with eLiquid bought online due to the large number of flavors available in the market. Many manufacturers make exemplary tobacco flavored eLiquid, which individuals transitioning from conventional cigarettes find satisfying.


Electronic cigarette users tend to put a high value on the vapor production as they like vapor that smells like the tobacco smoke. While some manufacturers utilize propylene glycol to produce a significant amount of vapor, others use vegetable glycerin which vapor cigarette review tree indicates is a healthier and safer alternative to the propylene glycol. Moreover, propylene glycol is associated with allergic reactions.


The nicotine content in e-cigarettes is comparable to that of conventional cigarettes, but most manufacturers provide zero nicotine option to higher concentrations. Generally, nicotine in e-cigs come in 4 different levels; no nicotine levels, light levels at 4-8mg, medium levels at 12-16mg and full levels at 16-24mg.


Battery Options

The electronic cigarette batteries come in 2 varieties: manual and automatic. A manual battery requires you to push a button on the battery while you take a drag, but an automatic one requires that you take a drag to start inhaling the vapor. One smoker says he prefers the manual batteries due to the versatility; click for his take on electronic cigarettes.